Wooden Name Plaques

I’m working on the triple bunk bed I designed nearly a year ago and I thought that it required some personal touch.

I designed name plaques for the kids, made from two layers of 10-ply 5mm birch plywood. The rear plate has the design + the “holes” of the letters, and the front holds the names. This way I’m easily able to make new versions with updated graphics when Super Mario is not interesting anymore. (I’m nearly 40 and Super Mario is still fantastic!)

The two plates are bolted together with 5mm bolts, and will be screwed to the bed with threaded inserts.

Check the whole Triple Bunk Bed build here!

Plaques when they are bolted together.
With the 5mm plywood there is nice depth to the cutouts.
The graphics are only engraved to the areas which are visible. The “holes” are glued on to the rear plate.
Xtool D1 Pro 20W in action.

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