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Hanging firewood holder

This is a very old project of mine. The construction was finished year and a half ago, but I first painted and mounted it now. I can’t really remember how much time I spent on making it but it’s somewhere around 20 hours. I didn’t have a lot of the tools needed for this (nor…

Metal Twister

I got tired of making twists manually. Even though the twists looked good most of the time, it was very difficult to keep the bar straight if the twist was on a longer area. With this I’m able to do up to 1 meter long twists and they turn out perfect every single time. Build…

‘Cold Forged’ banister

Our cellar staircase was missing a bannister so I decided to give a go on building one. I was lacking most tools required for bending metal, so a lot of that work was improvised. The result was well beyond my expectations considering that I had never done this kind of work. Build log: