Triple Bunk Bed – Design

I’m planning to make a triple bunk bed for my two kids. The lowest bed is a queen size and will be used as a chill area/sofa, and possibly me and my wife will sleep there if we need more than two bedrooms for guests.

I’m not going to do any fancy joinery or similar, and I’m just planning to bolt it together with slag bolts which are recessed to the boards. Let’s call it a “feature” that you can see the heads. This way I can take it apart later on if needed.

Now the only thing left is to find time to build it…

Edit October 2023: It it done! Check the result and the build log here.

Three beds. One for each of the kids, and one for chilling out.
The middle bed will feature steps instead of a ladder due to my daugher’s age.
Without the madrasses.
I’m planning to assemble it with recessed slag bolts.

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