No monkeying around @ NNIT

Right before my son was born around 8 years ago, my team at work gave me a huge stuffed monkey as a gift. It has followed me around the office ever since as my “replacement” when I’m not by my seat. Couple of weeks back I had to bring the monkey back home as the company’s headquarters are moving to a new location. I decided to give him a promotion to become the “support monkey” for the entire Global IT team. This of course meant that he needed a new sign!

The support monkey himself. Only serious IT – No monkeying around!
This is how the monkey looked like for years.
I recruited my daughter to do the heavy lifting when it was time to bring the monkey home.
My son decided to give him one of my company branded sweatsuit jackets. It’s a bit worrying how well it fit the monkey…
Ok, time for a new sign. This is the plan.
It’s done in four parts. Three parts of 3mm plywood for the frame, and one 3mm acrylic plate for the engraving.
As this is done on a laser cutter, the 3D model was not really needed but it made it easier to visualise the design. It was also easy to create the vectors for the laser cutter from the model.
It was very quick to cut out the plywood parts for the frame.
The acrylic plate took much longer but the quality is fantastic.
All the parts ready for assembly.
The plywood frame was glued together with wood glue, and the acrylic plate fitted inside it snugly.
To finish it off, I sanded the sides of the frame slightly and added a 4mm red nylon cord.
The result looked great.
I think even the monkey liked it, look at those happy soulless eyes!

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