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Hanging firewood holder

This is a very old project of mine. The construction was finished year and a half ago, but I first painted and mounted it now. I can’t really remember how much time I spent on making it but it’s somewhere around 20 hours. I didn’t have a lot of the tools needed for this (nor…

New welding table and adapting my garage for metalworking

I had been planning to adapt my garage for metalworking for some time already, and finally I got lucky and found a used tabletop. A small fabrication company was selling it and they had used it as a basic welding table already earlier, so it had the four legs welded on already. So that was…

Metal yarn holder

My son’s godmother is an amazing crocheter, and always hand makes all birthday and Christmas presents. As Christmas was getting close, I decided that I will hand make something for her as well; namely a metal yarn holder. The plan was to make the base so heavy that it can be placed on the floor…

‘Cold Forged’ banister

Our cellar staircase was missing a bannister so I decided to give a go on building one. I was lacking most tools required for bending metal, so a lot of that work was improvised. The result was well beyond my expectations considering that I had never done this kind of work. Build log: