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Welcome to Silfer Works!

This is where I document my personal projects. I’m mostly posting about metalworking, electronics, 3D printing and modelling. I started to take photos and document my projects around 2019, but I’ve also posted about some older projects that I found from my archives. Everything I post here is designed and built by me! There is…


The Mood-o-meter has three operating modes: Hardware: How does it communicated with a PC? It doesn’t. The PC is simply sending serial signals to it which the Arduino interprets and changes the mood/status accordingly. The “PC controlled mode” signal is sent through a powershell script, which in turn has a simple winforms program as an UI….

Mercedes SLK Carputer

This is a project from before the time I started to document my builds. When you see through the pictures, remember that most of these features were unheard of at the time, even though today these are common in modern cars! This was a very long project which required a lot of planning. At the…