Sauna thermometer – Living room module

The dual level sauna thermometer worked like a dream, so now was the time to make the slave module for my living room. The design was pretty straightforward as I was able to re-use a lot of the code, and the enclosure just needed a slightly different design so it was able to stand on a table.

You should check the post about the main module as well. There I go through all the hardware used for this project, etc.:

Both the sauna and the living room module in action.
A good starting point was again barebones electronics. The only difference to the main unit is that there are no sensors and the transceiver is on the “receive” -mode.
Now the Arduino Nano is mounted so that it points to the side. This enclosure will be standing on a table instead of being mounted on a wall.
I again chose not to make a wiring harness, and simply solder the wires directly on the headers.
The OLED screen is mounted on the pins I included on the 3D printed enclosure. A little bit of hot glue will keep it from moving.
The front and the back of the enclosure.
I printed a 0.35mm thick transparent window on front of the screen to protect it. Even though an ironing pass was run between both of the layers the lines are still somewhat visible, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I also added small rubber feet to keep it in place on the table.
Both the antenna and the USB cable are pointing to the side.
The screen will show a simple splash screen if there is no signal coming from the sauna module.
When the signal is present, it will switch to the temperature screen.

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