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Hot Air Balloon Lamp

Since I built the Triple Bunk Bed, I’ve felt that the ceiling lamp was not special enough next to it. Now was the time to get rid of that old IKEA lamp, and build something truly special. I think I made six different versions of the lamp, and ended up choosing the “hot air balloon”…

Water Spraying Teapot

As you might have already figured out, this is a kids’ toy and not an actual teapot. It uses the same design as the Babar – The water spouting elephant, but the teapot has much larger volume and also has some small teacups to go with it.

Triple Bunk Bed – Build

I made a design for a Triple Bunk Bed in January 2023. Since then my kids have been asking when the bed will be done as they really look forward to it. As the kids were growing out of their current smaller sized beds, I decided that it was time to get it over and…

F1 style go-kart steering wheel

For my next project which is an electric go-kart, I needed to come up with a way to mount all the electronic controls somehow. I decided to get a go-kart steering wheel and design a F1 inspired inlay that fits to the centre of it. Designing it was much more tricky than I thought as…

Babar – The water spouting elephant

A stomach flu visited the family this week. When I was bathing the youngest one for the third time in the middle of the night, I realised that we only have one million bath toys and we needed more! I started thinking about water pressure, and how I would be able to make some sort…

Camera for Hama Bead “pictures”

My kid started making Hama bead “pictures”, so I made him a camera! Design time was around 3 hours, and so was print @0.15mm. A very simple print but also very liked. What can I say? I love to make useless stuff, hahah. You can fin the files for this model here: https://www.printables.com/model/315888-perler-hama-bead-camera


What do you do you when your kid has to stay at home due to the flu and you need to work? You quickly design something that he watch being printed and then play with it! On today’s menu was Marble Minigolf. You can find the files for this model here: https://www.printables.com/model/288280-desktop-marble-minigolf