Restoration of an ancient metal brake

I got an old metal brake from the family of an old machinist who had passed away. It stood in my workshop for almost an year, but I finally restored it and added a new handle to it to make it functional again. The brake was painted with machine enamel paint, so it should last…

Magnetic blowtorch holder

I’m continuing my mission of making my little workspace as user friendly as possible. The goal is to have all the most used tools easily accessible from my usual working position. This time I re-used my WD-40 holder design and made a blowtorch holder. 3d printed and with three magnets to keep the can in…

Magnetic Roloc holder

With a small workshop, little improvements are very noticeable. With these it’s much easier to switch disks and everything is within my arms reach. I designed two versions; one for 2” discs and another longer one for 3” discs. You can find the files for this project here:


What do you do you when your kid has to stay at home due to the flu and you need to work? You quickly design something that he watch being printed and then play with it! On today’s menu was Marble Minigolf. You can find the files for this model here: