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”I am bored” -die

I’m in the process of making a bit larger laser cutting project, and I had to do some testing about cutting tolerances for it. Instead of just wasting materials, I designed a die for the kids. It is to be used during those “I’m bored…” -moments. The die has some better and some worse options….

Question Block from Super Mario

My son has a keen sense of design already, and he often comes up with ideas of models I should help him to create. My usual answer is that he needs to make a blueprint for it so I can be sure that I understand what he means. It also helps him to think about…

Hot Air Balloon Lamp

Since I built the Triple Bunk Bed, I’ve felt that the ceiling lamp was not special enough next to it. Now was the time to get rid of that old IKEA lamp, and build something truly special. I think I made six different versions of the lamp, and ended up choosing the “hot air balloon”…

Water Spraying Teapot

As you might have already figured out, this is a kids’ toy and not an actual teapot. It uses the same design as the Babar – The water spouting elephant, but the teapot has much larger volume and also has some small teacups to go with it.

Stackable magnetic soldering clamp

I got tired of my metal soldering clamps destroying the small wires I use on my projects, so I decided to model a simple magnetic version that fits my needs better. These are stackable for holding multiple wires simultaneously, and incorporate a print-in-place hinge to make the assembly simpler. I published the model here: https://www.printables.com/model/749606-stackable-magnetic-soldering-clamp

Case for biometric security keys

We are using security keys for authentication at work, and I wanted to make cases for the most important keys we have. I laser engraved and cut the window for the case out of acrylic, and embedded it into a 3D printed case. Worked surprisingly well on the first try. The key used here is…

Powerbank holder for my new video setup

I’m building a new video setup so I can make better videos while I work. One of the issues I had was the battery life of my camera: I could only film for 1.5h with one battery and then I would need to change it. To fix this problem, I designed a simple holder for…

Slat holders for Ikea LINDBÅDEN

While I was working on the Triple Bunk Bed project, I bought some bed slats from Ikea. I didn’t want to take a risk that one of the kids would kick the bed above and the slats would move and possibly fall down, so I modelled and 3D printed holders which will keep them in…

Warning sign for the workshop door

I got a new toy. I still haven’t set it up in the workshop as the whole place is filled with loads of dust due to my current project. As a preparation though, I’ve made a warning sign for the door to prevent the family marching in on the wrong moment. Can you guess what…