Water Spraying Teapot

As you might have already figured out, this is a kids’ toy and not an actual teapot. It uses the same design as the Babar – The water spouting elephant, but the teapot has much larger volume and also has some small teacups to go with it.

Leather Hair Barrette

Yet another valentine’s day is here. I decided to make something special for my wife and only use scraps I had in the workshop. I had a nice piece of very thick leather I got when I ordered a custom apron for metalworking. It is somewhere around 3-4mm thick. For the wooden stick I used…

Stackable magnetic soldering clamp

I got tired of my metal soldering clamps destroying the small wires I use on my projects, so I decided to model a simple magnetic version that fits my needs better. These are stackable for holding multiple wires simultaneously, and incorporate a print-in-place hinge to make the assembly simpler. I published the model here: https://www.printables.com/model/749606-stackable-magnetic-soldering-clamp