Magnetic and stackable dig markers for metaldetecting

I’m often detecting with my kid, and he usually marks the spots which he can’t dig himself. I also use markers for the “maybe” spots where the signal is questionable but I might want to check later.

Now the ground is frozen, so I decided to make a bit nicer markers for the spring which are easier to carry with you.

I made three different types of holders for the markers, depending on which gear I’m taking with;

  • One for hanging from a carabiner
  • One for attaching to a belt
  • And one for attaching to a backpack or a pouch with a loop

Each of the markers has a neodymium magnet, and due to this they are not falling off from the holder even when carried vertically.

Also, due to how the magnets interact with each other, only one is released when you pull out the outmost one.

It works very well in theory, but I’ll see later if these are actually useful or not.

The final result.
The markers stack nicely.
All of the different versions of the bases.
Group picture!
The model.

You can fin the files for this model here:

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