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Companion firewood holder

I made a hanging firewood holder some time back for my sauna, and I’ve started the bad habit of taking the firewood inside in small batches and placing it on the floor. This had to be corrected as I could easily stumble over them while moving inside. You can find the build log for the…

Trike Trailer

My kids were always arguing about who is allowed to ride the small trike on my backyard, so I decided to make a trailer with a seat for it. Time spent was three evenings, couple hours each + painting. The cost of materials is unknown as I only used whatever I found from the garage;…

Simple fire poker

My new rocket grill needed something to push the firewood down into the chute. This simple thing was created in 20 minutes! The twisted bar was one of the test pieces when I was building my metal twister. The handle is from my cherrytree. You can find the Rocket Grill build log here: https://silfer.works/rocket-grill/