F1 style go-kart steering wheel

For my next project which is an electric go-kart, I needed to come up with a way to mount all the electronic controls somehow. I decided to get a go-kart steering wheel and design a F1 inspired inlay that fits to the centre of it. Designing it was much more tricky than I thought as the steering wheel’s spokes had three dimensional shapes which were very difficult to measure.

Also, as it is using hand controls for acceleration and reverse, I had to come up with a way to mount the accelerator body to the wheel.

The inlay was printed in four parts which are bolted together with M3 bolts. The two halves of the inlay are attached to the steering wheel with M6 bolts which are bolted through the central spokes.

I’m not done with the wiring, but the pictures gives a good idea how it will look like.

I still need to connect all the controls, but it’s a very good fit otherwise.
The holes with wires sticking out will be used for indicator buttons in the same style as the other buttons.
This is the model for the print.
It doesn’t look that complex when it is mounted, but here you can see the internal shapes which are used to clamp it on the steering wheel.
Here you can also see the mounting place for the hand accelerator on the lower left corner.
The text was printed with a yellow filament on the two first layers.

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