Hanging firewood holder

This is a very old project of mine. The construction was finished year and a half ago, but I first painted and mounted it now.

I can’t really remember how much time I spent on making it but it’s somewhere around 20 hours.

I didn’t have a lot of the tools needed for this (nor the experience at this point) but I improvised and used what I had available.

Later on I built a companion for this holder. You can find the build log here: https://silfer.works/companion-firewood-holder/.

The final result.
It’s hanging outside due to the little space in the sauna dressing room.
How it looks empty.

Build Log:

This is the plan. The project is a very old one and the construction was finished one and a half year ago. Now I finally painted it and mounted it.
With some AR magic I can see how it would look when it is hanging on the wall.
Starting point. 10mm x 10mm mild steel.
I use a cheap eBay bender to make some curls.
It will have three bars for the frame.
A bend for the bottom front corner.
The twists are made simply with a vice and a wrench (and a pipe for leverage!)
Starting to look good.
Quick mock-up how it will go together.
Clearance is required for the bars at the back.
Parts for the handle and the crossbars.
Time to start welding.
First layer.
Second layer.
Support for the handle.
Nice and tidy.
Some of the welds were cleaned with a straight grinder and a carbide bit.
Sheet metal will be placed to the top and the bottom.
I didn’t have proper tools for this so I just improvised. Here I also marked the sheet with the clamps on the middle, not very smart of me.
Close fit.
A lot of clamps to the rescue.
More clamps! What wouldn’t I give for a sheet metal roller…
I ended up just blasting the sheet metal with a lot of amps…
… and to grind it down with a flap disk, and first then lay some nicer beads.
The bar which is use to hang it from the wall.
Slots for the frame.
Welded in place.
Handle out of cherry tree which grows in my backyard.
First functional test. Damn it is heavy and cumbersome to lift! The plan was to hang it inside my wood fired sauna but it is not a nice experience to manoeuvre it inside with a glass door leading to the sauna room. I don’t know what to do with it now.
I’ll make the hanger anyway. A pipe cut into two.
And welded into a piece of flat metal.
Fits nicely.
One and a half year later I finally decided to finish the project. Primer.
Matt black paint.
Hanger is now placed outside of the sauna. It’s much easier to lift it to there and then the dressing room doesn’t get so crowded.
How it looks empty…
… and full.
It ended up looking very nice and works perfectly outside the sauna.

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