Project with the kids – Treehouse with a funky ladder

My son asked if I could build a treehouse for him. I told him that I can as long as we use all leftovers from the garage. I mostly managed to do that but I bought some nicer looking boards for the siding after I realised how visible the treehouse was from the street.

I thought that this was a good time to practise some MIG welding so I made a metal ladder leading up to the house. I’m pretty good with TIG but still very new with MIG.

The treehouse took about three days spanning across two weekends.

The final result.
The funky ladder.

Build Log:

This is the starting point. Look at this beautiful cherry tree, it would be a shame if someone built a treehouse (!?) on it!
The frame is made out of 2”x4” and 2”x6” timber I had in the garage.
The floor is made out of an old kitchen tabletop I had used as a workbench.
There were two branches that had to come through the floor.
Branches coming through the floor.
I added a spot for a small swing at the end.
Trying to give the frame somewhat nice finish.
It looks much better after some paint.
The siding was the only thing I had to buy. I used the cheapest impregnated wood I could find.
I prepainted the siding. It’s much easier to paint it before it is installed.
With some help from the top, attaching the siding was pretty quick.
The other side going in place.
Math is hard. I miscalculated how much of the wood should be cut and painted, duh.
Otherwise the back is open, beside the two boards on the top which are there to make a little bit less easy to fall out.
Ok, now I have something to attach the ladder to so time to design it. The center profile is 50mm x 50mm x 5mm, and the steps are 40mm x 20mm x 1.5mm. All of this was leftovers found from the garage.
I’m still pretty new to MIG. I see this as practise.
The base of the ladder.
Calculating angles? Nah, I 3D printed a template instead.
Welding is done.
I added some orange griptape to the steps I had leftover from my workbench build.
To minimise the amount of kids falling down from the ladder, I designed some stops for the steps.
Silicone lube and a rubber mallet helped with the installation.
Looking good.
On one side of the siding, a branch is right in the middle of it. To make it a bit sturdier, I took some 25mm x 3mm flat profile and bent it to function as a brace.
It was easiest to do some of the bends manually.
One hole per board.
It’s almost like it was made for this! ?
The other side.
The base.
A very happy son.
I even got the wife up in the tree!
It’s not very large but it can fit the whole family and is very sturdy. I’m happy with the result.

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