Tortoise Terrarium

This is a project from before the time I started to document my builds.

I had a companion from the age of seven until far into my adult life; a horsefield tortoise called Ramses. I wanted to make a new terrarium for him which is not the usual square shape.

The final result. It was specifically made to fit into this spot in my home office.
Starting point. You can also see the first test bend of the plexiglass.
Two round and two square corners. The plexiglass is simply bent with a heat gun over a jig with the specific rounding.
Aluminium list is bent to cover the base.
Aluminium list is added on the other corners as well.
Legs are added.
Ramses was very happy about the result. Still not nearly as large as it should be, but as big as I could fit in the apartment.
Unfortunately Ramses passed away few years back due to blood poisoning he got during hibernation.

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