Simple firewood holder – One day build

I needed a firewood holder so I don’t need to place the wood on the ground. My rocket grill works best with rather small pieces of wood, so the size of the holder is reflecting that. I used mild steel for it and finished the build in ~3 hours.

The metal twister is my own design but the twists can be done with a wrench and a vice pretty easily. The twister build can be found from my post history. On my banister build you can see how to do the twists and bends with a wrench and a vice.

A very simple holder but it works exactly as intended and I’m happy with the result.

Rocket Grill build log:

Metal Twister build log:

‘Cold Forged’ banister build log:

The final result.
Goes well together with my rocket grill.

Build Log:

Starting point – I’m planning to make this from a single piece of 10mm x 10mm mild steel.
Twists need to go in first. The twister is built by me to make this faster but you can do it manually with a wrench and a vice.
Very clean twist but a bit too long. The twister can’t make anything shorter so I’ll just include a part of the twist into the upcoming bend.
Part of the twist is included on the bent area. I’m using a cheap eBay bender with a heavy duty base made by me.
Second bend.
Testing how it will look and making sure that it can fit on both sides of the grill.
I chickened out when the single piece of metal was very much on the limit on what I needed to finish this. I’ll do the second side with another piece and weld them together.
Almost identical.
Quick tacks and ready for testing.
My two helpers insisted to fill it with firewood.
Minimum viable product. It would work like this already but I think it needs some more details.
Welded and cleaned with a flap disk on an angle grinder.
Four supports added.
Short legs from leftover pieces of 20mm x 20mm mild steel. There was a slight angle on the cut so I angled the feet outwards.
Matt black paint. It looks much fancier than you would think after only 3 hours in total.
Goes well with my rocket grill.

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