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Huge standard screwcap

One of my old colleagues was changing jobs, so I decided to create a farewell gift for him. For some reason he always use a bottle screwcap as the unit of measurement for his alcoholic drinks. I made him a new “standard screwcap” he can use. Låg = screwcap in Danish. You can find the…

Wireless phone charger

Do you have a habit of placing your phone on front of your keyboard while you work? Are you annoyed that the facial recognition doesn’t recognise you due to the too shallow angle? Well, this is the fix.  The wireless charging module is taken from Ikea Livboj. Plug-n-play with a requirement of gluing three parts.

Jewellery Box

This is a jewelry box I created which features a flower I used for a pencil case earlier. A fantastic gift for family and friends. The box uses magnets as hinges and the flower is glued on to the lid. This version is meant for stud earrings and has a fine grid separator inside.

Aircon remote holder for the workshop

I always use the timer on the aircon unit in my workshop. I also always lose the remote when I want to activate the timer and spend a lot of time trying to find where I placed it. This remote holder has an opening for the sliding cover. It means that you can push the…

Kittenproof subwoofer

Our family got two very small new members. As it usually goes with little kids, you start realising that a lot of things in your house are dangerous for them. I realised that I had an incredible deathtrap right next to our TV; the subwoofer. The kittens could climb inside through the hole on the…