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What do you do you when your kid has to stay at home due to the flu and you need to work? You quickly design something that he watch being printed and then play with it! On today’s menu was Marble Minigolf. You can find the files for this model here: https://www.printables.com/model/288280-desktop-marble-minigolf

Riot Mamas – logo

My brother and his wife has a band called “Riot Mamas”. Me and my family were going to visit them and I decided to make a little gift to take with: a giant fridge magnet! A simple two colour design with embedded magnets.

3D printed padlock

This was created for my kids to play with, but in reality it was more of a design challenge than anything else. The lock is “fully functional” in the sense that it can only be opened with the key that belongs to it. The only hardware you need is a spring from a pen, all…

WD40 can holder

Yesterday I had the final straw when I was going to clean my welding table and the damn WD-40 can was nowhere to be found again. I went back to the house and after an hour this contraption had been designed. It took 13 hours to print and now hopefully I remember to put the…


The Mood-o-meter has three operating modes: Hardware: How does it communicated with a PC? It doesn’t. The PC is simply sending serial signals to it which the Arduino interprets and changes the mood/status accordingly. The “PC controlled mode” signal is sent through a powershell script, which in turn has a simple winforms program as an UI….

The Cat Caller

We have two cats who like to go explore outside but are still living with us in the house. We used to use a plastic container filled with cat treats to call them back inside, until I remembered that I’m a specialist on designing useless objects for 3D printing. That’s when the Cat Caller was…

3D printed Die Tower with a trapdoor

I don’t play board games but I like to challenge myself with creating interesting 3d models. A die tower was a perfect thing to make as it would have moving parts, interchangeable design, and limited hardware. The model does not require any supports, and only needs a spring from a pen and a single M3…