Powerbank holder for my new video setup

I’m building a new video setup so I can make better videos while I work. One of the issues I had was the battery life of my camera: I could only film for 1.5h with one battery and then I would need to change it. To fix this problem, I designed a simple holder for a 20.000mAh external powerbank which I can hang from the camera tripod. Now I should be good to go for as long as my 256gb memory card can hold!

The final product. It’s a simple but a very functional design.
It is clamped together with M3 bolts, and 5mm paracord is used to hang it.
It prints beautifully as long as you don’t have issues with bed adhesion.
The model is in two pieces, but clamps perfectly together around the powerbank.

You can find the files for this model and more details on the powerbank here: https://www.printables.com/model/677223-wave-hanging-powerbank-holder

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