AirTag holder for bag straps

The summer vacation period is here. Instead of building a lot of cool stuff, I spent my time travelling abroad to see both of my families. While I was on a ferry from Finland to Sweden, I came to think about the usual way AirTags are used; hide it and hope that it is difficult to find it after the thieve’s iPhone sends out the notification about someone “following” you.

When I came home I decided to take a bit different approach; hide them in plain sight and then make them more difficult to get rid off…

The bag strap AirTag holder was born.

The final result.
The design uses 8x M3 bolts. Out of these bolts two are used to attach the clip which keeps it in place on the bag strap.
The text was printed on the first two layers.
The nuts are embedded halfway thought the print.
Two of the bolts are longer to attach the strap clip.
The other bolts are shorter to keep the two halves in place.
The clip’s nuts are not embedded to make it easier to find the correct bolt length based on the thickness of the strap.
The result has an industrial look…
…but it is not obvious that this is an AirTag and it is difficult to take off from the bag. Success!

You can find the files for this model here:

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