Restoration of an ancient metal brake

I got an old metal brake from the family of an old machinist who had passed away. It stood in my workshop for almost an year, but I finally restored it and added a new handle to it to make it functional again.

The brake was painted with machine enamel paint, so it should last for few years. I also properly lathered the new bracket so it matches the cast iron look of the rest.

The handle is interchangeable with a metal twister I made some time back.

The final result. The handle looks like it was meant to be like this.
The whole bender was cleaned up, oiled and painted.
The frame is cast iron, so welding it would have been very tricky due to heat expansion.
This was the shape the bender was in when I got it.
The old broken handle attachment point.
This was the first sketch for the bracket for attaching the new handle.
This is how it ended up looking like.
The handle attaches with M20 threads.
The handle is interchangeable between the brake and the metal twister I made earlier:

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