Quick release breadboard base for Arduino Uno

I got tired of the jumpers always coming loose when packing away my projects, so I designed a magnetic breadboard base with a quick release for the Arduino.

No need to fool around with screws, the board is held in place with small magnets, and the whole base can be attached to a subframe which I mount on top of my component box. Easy to pack away, or even mount it on a wall for easy storage.

The goals for this design were:

  • Easy attachment of the Arduino board, no messing around with screws etc.
  • The whole base has to be attachable on top of my electronic component box for easy storage, but still easily removable so I can place it on my workbench.
  • The breadboard has to be permanently attached to the base, and take a “standard” size breadboard which is easy to purchase.

Description of the outcome:

This base is meant for an Arduino Uno and a 165mm x 55mm breadboard. The Arduino is attached with a magnetic brace for quick and easy removal and attachment.

The base has a subframe where it attaches also magnetically. The subframe can be mounted on top of your electronic component container, workshop wall or any other convenient place for easy storage.

Hardware required:

  • 12x 6mm wide and 3mm deep magnets if you are printing the whole design
  • 165mm x 55mm breadboard

Or alternatively

  • 4x 6mm wide and 3mm deep magnets if you are only planning to use the base by itself
  • 165mm x 55mm breadboard
The board placed on the base.
Base separated from the board.
The placement of the magnets.
All the parts.

You can find the files for this model here: https://www.printables.com/model/155354-arduino-uno-prototyping-base

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