3D printed Die Tower with a trapdoor

I don’t play board games but I like to challenge myself with creating interesting 3d models. A die tower was a perfect thing to make as it would have moving parts, interchangeable design, and limited hardware.

The model does not require any supports, and only needs a spring from a pen and a single M3 bolt for the assembly.

The outer shell design is different while still sharing the same inner slide. This means that you can have multiple interchangeable outer shell designs while only needing to print one single inner slide.

It is a fairly long print if you do it with 0.15mm layer height, but the result is worth it! I spent around 20 hours modelling this and it fits together perfectly.

The “Castle” design ended up being the best one. Each of the tiles has been added manually.
All the parts needed for it.
The trapdoor requires a spring from a pencil.
I put a lot of detail to the model. For example all of the nails are printed on the drapdoor.
It attaches with a single M3 bolt. To reach it, the model has a little hole on the outer wall.
I made other designs as well. On the right is the “70s supermarket”. The inner slide is shared across all the different outer designs.

You can find the files for this model here: https://www.printables.com/model/143685-dice-tower-with-a-spring-loaded-trapdoor

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