Welcome to Silfer Works!

This is where I document my personal projects. I’m mostly posting about metalworking, electronics, 3D printing and modelling. I started to take photos and document my projects around 2019, but I’ve also posted about some older projects that I found from my archives.

Everything I post here is designed and built by me! There is no commercial aspect to any of this. It is a pure hobby, and I do it for my own pleasure.

I’ve got a lot of questions about how much time I spend on different projects. Due to this, I’ve tagged all of the posts with either “Small Projects“, “Medium Projects“, or “Large Projects” -tags. This is purely an indication of the time I’ve spent, and has nothing to do with complexity of the build.

Small ProjectsI’ve spent hours on it.

Medium ProjectsI’ve spent days on it.

Large ProjectsI’ve spent weeks on it.

The posts with the “Build Log” -tag has a complete description of the building and designing process. Be prepared for a lot of pictures!

If you wish to get hold of me, you can do it through LinkedIn, Reddit or by using this contact form.

I hope you enjoy my chronicles of building random things.

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