Wooden sauna curtain

I couldn’t find a good curtain for my sauna, so I decided to build one. Traditionally the curtains are made by crocheting cotton thread, but I decided to do something different.

The inspiration came from bead curtains which were popular in the 60’s and 70’s. I needed to find wooden beads without any treatment to make sure that they can handle the heat and won’t realease any harmful gasses. It was more expensive than I thought, but I found some from Czech Republic which were somewhat affordable. 

Final result.

Build Log:

Birch beads, pretty difficult to find with reasonable prices. Ended up being way too expensive.
Prepping the lists. One for the bottom with a hole through where the beads will hang, and one for the rope which will cover the knots and make it look tidy.
The beads are embedded into the bottom list.
Treated with sauna wax which matches the rest of the interior.
Time to start beading.
Ready. Just missing to clean up the ends of the cotton rope. The knots on both ends are glued with CA glue before cutting the ends. The top list is glued with wood glue and left to settle for the night.
Mounted. The list is resting on wooden pieces what are shaped to fit around the first beads and treated with the same wax as the rest.
View from the outside.
Works as expected.

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