3D printer enclosure with automatic fire extinguisher

I decided to build an enclosure which has a separate dry space for feeding the filament, and has an automatic fire extinguisher which will fill the printer space with powder if it reaches 79 celsius (174 in freedom units). The filament is fed through the floor of the upper cabinet via PTFE tubes directly to the printer.

The lights and the power to the printer is controlled through remote electric plugs so I can turn them on from the sofa. The lights in the filament cabinet can be turned on/off separately so those are not on when not needed. On side of the cabinet there is a RaspberryPi which runs OctoPrint to control the printer remotely and send the webcam feed.

Nicely tucked away in my basement.
The printer fits nicely inside and is resting on a heavy duty rubber mat. The webcam mount is a custom design of mine.
An automatic fire extinguisher which will fill the enclosure with powder if it reaches 79c.
The upper cabinet has a latch and a rubber seal all around.
The filament holders are a remix of an existing design.
The upper cabinet lights can be controlled both manually and also through a Hue power plug.
RaspberryPi runs OctoPrint and controls the printer remotely.
With the door closed, the internal temperature raises to approximately 35c. This is too high for PLA, so I usually print PLA with the door open. I don’t get heatcreep and filament melting in the bowden tube.
Overall it is a very pleasant setup to work with.

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