Project with the kids – Stone Talus from Zelda

My 6 years old son has been testing the waters for gaming by playing “Zelda – Breath of the Wild” together with me.

Yesterday when he came home from the kindergarten, he showed me how he had made a Stone Talus (a.k.a Stone Monster) from thick paper. He wanted to have some of the small magnets I use on my 3D printing projects so he would be able to glue them on and make the limbs detachable. I of course said “no” as such small magnets can be dangerous if accidentally swallowed. His sister is only 3 years old, so a lot of things still end up in the mouth.

I suggested that maybe I should model it in 3D and then I can print it with the magnets embedded to the print, and this is the result:

All the parts are detachable, including the chrystal on the shoulder.
Perfect size for the little hands.
The magnets are 4mm x 6mm neodymium magnets, and are inserted to the print while it is paused on the correct layer height.
The drawing is actually very close to the real thing. I’m very impressed that he drew that out of memory without having an example picture.

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