WD40 can holder

Yesterday I had the final straw when I was going to clean my welding table and the damn WD-40 can was nowhere to be found again. I went back to the house and after an hour this contraption had been designed.

It took 13 hours to print and now hopefully I remember to put the can back on it’s own place.

Oh, and it works great with beer cans as well!

I also designed a version that can be hung from your belt due to popular demand on Reddit. Now we can all be like Hank Hill.

This version can hold two cans.
It also makes your workspace look more tidy.
A total of 3 magnets are holding each can in place. I also added “WD40” -text to it so I remember what’s supposed to be placed there.
3D model.
3D model.
Belt hung version.
Belt hung version.

You can fin the files for this model here: https://www.printables.com/model/230271-magnetic-wall-belt-wd-40-can-holder

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