Composite shlongboard

This is a project from before the time I started to document my builds.

This is yet another very old project of mine. It is a maple/fiberglass composite short longboard (a.k.a schlongboard). These potato quality pictures are all I have left of the build process, but the board is still going strong and still being used.

The construction is 8 ply maple, sandwiched in fiberglass. I didn’t have a fancy vacuum pump so it could have been lighter, but you gotta make do with what you have.

Custom griptape, with my old “maker name”.
Then geometry of the trucks is specifically made for stability at high speeds.
The board hooks nicely on your feet.
The same design from the griptape is painted on the bottom.
Fiberglassing. I have no idea what kind of fiberglass I used for this.
The board was sanded yet again after the fiberglass had set.

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